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On this page we display some examples of projects that we have successfully implemented for our customers.

Castrol Intranet
Development of a database supported intranet. Pages can be entered via an administrator page simply by inserting a URL. The links are stored in a Microsoft SQL server database from which they may be just as easily amended or erased. Some pages show turnover data and similar data from an AS/400 system (SoftM), which can be called up in real time.

Development of a Lotus Notes workflow application to manage customer complaints. For travelling salespeople, a complaints data entry program was developed for Palm organizers. Synchronization with the Notes database occurs with the normal HotSync synchronization.

Development specifications
Development of a Lotus Notes workflow application for the development of new products.

Many large (up to 80 Mio. records of german hospitals) and complex MS-SQL-Server Databases were aggregated into a MS-Access tool for Online-Usage by our customer as well as for Offline-Usage through hospitals and health insurances.

“Druckfarben” paint management
Development of a multi-user paint management system.

“Evelyn” paint management
Development of a system to manage color recipes, basic pastes, inventory stocks and movements. The system processes entries from an electronic scale and prints, reads and processes PDF417 barcodes (2 dimensional, error-correcting barcode). The system is multilingual, and is being used in various European countries.

IT requisitions
Development of a Lotus Notes workflow application to manage software projects and to support the setup of new IT workstations (user priveleges, hardware, software, etc.).

Laboratory Management System
Administration of Quality Control and Used Oil Analyses from the arrival of the analysis until the report is send out automatically via e-mail. This extremely user-friendly Software is used in several countries and several languages. The Test to be done can be changed dynamically depending on the requirements for the analysis to be tested. It also allows formulas for calculating test results depending on other tests or factors.

Lotus Notes migration
Update of 250 PC’S and four servers to next Lotus Notes major release.

Development of a Lotus Notes application to manage lubricants. From this database lubricant comparison documents can be generated in Word.

Lubrication plan
Development of a Microsoft Access application to manage lubrication plans for industrial plants. Customer and product data are drawn at need from the customer’s SoftM system (AS/400). Lubrication plans can be created manually or put together from existing lubrication plans (simply by copying). A large number of reports with multiple filtering possibilities completes the program.

Measurement database
Development of a Lotus Notes workflow application for recording laboratory measurements.

Oil analysis
Development of a Microsoft Access application to manage oil analyses. The application prints lab dockets, analysis reports and faxes, sends reports via Notes or Outlook mail and creates a number of evaluations and diagrams.

Oil analysis-internet
Consulting for the development of a Lotus Notes application to publish analysis results and analysis reports on an intranet and the internet.

Paint management according to PMS
Development of a database system for the distribution of paint mixture recipes to customers. Customers can thus mix their own paints and also manage and reuse leftover paint. The program is available in eight languages.

Palette dispatch note
Development of a printing and management program for palette dispatch notes (with EAN128). The required data is loaded from the customer’s AS/400 (BPCS) system.

Palette management
Development of a palette management program. Arrival and departure of palettes is recorded for inventory and for the billing of customers and shippers.

Development of a Microsoft Access application to pre-calculate contracts. The customer and product data are called up from an AS/400 system (SoftM). The finished, calculated contracts are stored on the AS/400.

Development of a Lotus Notes application for the distribution of pricing information. The prices are taken overnight from the SoftM system of the customer’s AS/400. The printing of pricelists takes place in either Word or WordPro. An automated bid generation via Word or WordPro document templates was also integrated.

Raw materials
Development of a Lotus Notes application to manage raw material data including all hazardous goods and certifications.

Reminder Macros
Development of several Word templates which automatically print reminder letters for a large number of customers. The data is provided by the customer’s AS/400 system (BPCS).

Requisition order
Development of a Lotus Notes workflow application to manage employee orders, supporting the purchasing department.

Visitation reports
Development of a Lotus Notes workflow application to record reports about visits to customers and assign actions. Customer information is read from the SoftM system on the AS/400 of the customer. The database also tracks appointments for customer visits, vacation and sick leave.